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Download Beta Vegetation & Props

Beta Vegetation & Props Mod adds objects, trees and plants that were in the alpha / beta version of Grand Theft Auto V. I know you can use these trees ingame with the Map Editor,but skipping the Editor with simply replacing them would save both FPS and spawn objects (Map Editor has a spawn limit).… Read More »

Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support for GTA

Readmore: Wishing to experience all the delights of a manual transmission on a car in GTA 5 perfect script, Manual Transmission and Steering Wheel Support v4.6.3. In addition to this function, it also gives the ability to control the steering wheel. But that’s not all of the options that you get by installing this mod.… Read More »

Download and review Traffic Control for GTA V

Download and review Traffic Control for GTA V I’ve noticed a few things about the aircraft and Trevor piloting them from the trailers and screenshots. There are antennas, for one, and Trevor can be seen wearing a full headset with ear pieces and mic. Obviously much more detailed than ever before. Got me thinking, what… Read More »