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By | March 16, 2020

Beta Vegetation & Props

Mod adds objects, trees and plants that were in the alpha / beta version of Grand Theft Auto V.

I know you can use these trees ingame with the Map Editor,but skipping the Editor with simply replacing them would save both FPS and spawn objects (Map Editor has a spawn limit).

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-Remade the neon sign and road number decal props from scratch.
-Modified the plant pot outside Michael’s house.
-Added a roof drainpipe for the 2405 house.
-Open “BVP.ini” to configure the compatibility between maps and for enabling scenarios and car generators.


1. Discard the file “betavegprops” along the path: update x64 dlcpacks
2. Add “dlcpacks: betavegprops ” to the dlclist.xml file (mods update update.rpf common data)

Updated the compatibility with Forests of Chiliad and San Andreas by adding a new setting in the ini (“Forests Maps”) to unload IPLs that have little to no clipping at all.
Updated the compatibility with GTA V Remastered by adding a new setting in the ini (“GTA V Remastered Mirror Park”) to unload the BVP Mirror Park IPL.
Switched back to the old settings, so now every installed map needs to be manually defined.
Fixed a cedar tree LOD at North Chumash.
Updated the dlc pack, script and ini.

Download and review :

Beta vegetation & props -GTA5 Maps