Download Templates Resource Packs

By | June 2, 2021

Download Templates Resource Packs for Minecraft. Install and Download Templates Resource Packs for Minecraft. Basically, resource packs allow players to customize textures, models, music, sounds, language files, end credits, splash texts, and fonts without modifying the actual game code as explained by the Minecraft Wiki. If you have any issues, please make a comment below, and we will help you. Awesome!


Download Templates Resource Packs



Download and Install Templates Texture Pack

This whole project started out when him was trying to make a 64×64 texture pack. He searched and searched for templates, but all he could find was ones with only a terrain.png, and they were, of course, blurry… He really disliked that, so he decided to make his very own texture pack templates! So now, everyone else can enjoy easy-to-set-up, non-blurry HD texturing!

Here’s a quick example of the 512X512 pack’s diamond to show that he’s not joking about it being sharp!

Notice: For HD textures, you’ll need the latest MCPatcher or Download Here.

16x : Download Here

32x : Download Here

64x : Download Here

128x : Download Here

256x : Download Here

512x : Download Here

Credits: qwertysam



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