Apple must continue to rely on Qualcomm due to the failure of 5G modem research.

By | August 15, 2022

Apple has been working on creating its own 5G modem for the past few years in an effort to become independent from Qualcomm. However, Mr Kuo insisted the attempt “could have failed”. According to his most recent assessment, progress seems to have stopped, so Qualcomm will continue to be the sole source of 5G chips for iPhones that will launch in 2023. Mr. Kuo previously predicted that 5G modems will be used on iPhones in 2023 vowis all devices manufactured by Apple itself and no longer depend on Qualcomm.

As a result, Qualcomm is expected to supply 100% of the chips for the 2023 iPhones instead of just 20%. Although it will take longer to perfect and meet specifications for use with iPhones and other devices, Kuo believes Apple will still try to create its own 5G modem.

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We all don’t know why Apple can’t make a 5G modem for next year. Apple has long sought to avoid depending on Qualcomm to avoid unnecessary risks and troubles. Apple was once involved in a legal dispute with Qualcomm and had intended to use Intel’s 5G chips in the 2020 iPhones, but that didn’t materialize due to Intel’s production delays.

Apple then settled a legal dispute with Qualcomm in 2019, and Qualcomm’s 5G modem has been a constant feature in iPhones and iPads ever since. Apple has begun its own investigation into 5G semiconductors, even buying Intel’s modem business to accelerate development. Only 20% of the modems used in the 2023 iPhones are expected to be supplied by Qualcomm by 2021. However, it seems likely that Qualcomm will continue to make semiconductors for at least two more iPhone generations if Apple can’t yet. manufactures 5G modems.

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