Download Wolf Resource Packs

By | May 29, 2021

Download Wolf Resource Packs for Minecraft. Install and Download Wolf Resource Packs for Minecraft. Basically, resource packs allow players to customize textures, models, music, sounds, language files, end credits, splash texts, and fonts without modifying the actual game code as explained by the Minecraft Wiki. If you have any issues, please make a comment below, and we will help you. Awesome!


Download Wolf Resource Packs



Download and Install Wolf Texture Pack

An awesome pack of 188 total skins, 100 styles for you !

How to use Wolf Texture Pack for Minecraft 

  • If instead you want it to be a part of your texture pack:  right click and save it (desktop is a nice place).  Open your minecraft file.  Open your texturepacks folder.  Open the texture pack you want it in.  Drag it into the mob folder.  If your texture pack doesn’t have a mob folder then create a new file, name it mob, put it in your texture pack window, and then drag the template in there.
  • If you want the image for your tamed wolf name it “wolf_tame.png” If you want the image for your wild wolves name it “wolf.png”  If you want the image for your angry/insane wolf name it “wolf_angry.png”


  • If you want to make your own, here’s a template!!! (fixed!!!)

Pretend you are looking at the wolf head on (or in the face)

Download Here

Download Here

Credits: DJ Persnikity



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