Minecraft 2022: How to Treat a Zombie Villager

By | August 30, 2022

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Summary of Contents
What is represented by Zombie Villagers?

Managing a zombie villager

Your zombie villager’s treatment

Create Splash Potion of Weakness in step one.

Making a Golden Apple in Step 2

Curing the zombie villager is step three.

Here is a fast guide on how to locate and treat zombie villagers so you can negotiate lower trade prices with them if you’re having trouble collecting emeralds to buy from the regular traders. read more how to cure a zombie villager

What do Zombie Villagers represent?

Zombie villagers are an uncommon type of zombie that hasn’t fully evolved into one. In their formal attire, they appear to be ordinary villagers, just greener. Sometimes when a zombie attacks a villager, they can become a zombie villager.

Keep in mind that when your world or server becomes more tough, there is a higher chance that they will turn into zombie villagers. Here’s what you need to do if you see one because they can also be seen prowling around the outdoors at night.

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Managing a zombie villager

A zombie villager behaves in the same way as a typical zombie. In order to assault the player, they can also take up weapons like bows and swords. So you should keep your distance from them unless you are adequately armored to protect yourself.

Make sure you deal with the zombie villagers at night or in the shade because they suffer harm in the sun much like regular villagers do. One can be made to sit in a boat if it is found naturally spawning at night and you want to stop it from despawning. If you wish to protect it from the sun, you can erect a structure around it. After that, you can consider treating it.