The best Call of Duty MAC-10 loadout and class configuration:

By | August 27, 2022


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Searching for the best Warzone Pacific MAC-10 loadout? Since it was added to Warzone in Cold War Season 1, the MAC-10 has undergone various nerfs, but it’s still a fantastic SMG. This buzzsaw quickly consumes opponents and bullets with its fast rate of fire and minimal damage. Utilize its unrivaled mobility, and the MAC-10 can still be a top-tier SMG today. You’ve come to the perfect site if you’d like to find out how. read more mac 10 loadout

Best Warzone MAC-10 loadout

The MAC-10 is not one of those SMGs, despite the fact that some of them, like the AK74u, are now effective sniper supports in Warzone. We advise you to stick with the close-range, highly mobile construction described below:

Agency Suppressor: Muzzle

Task Force, the barrel

Tiger Team Spotlight with Laser

Symbol: Raider Symbol

53-round magazine of ammo

MAC-10 fires at such a rapid rate

The Agency Suppressor is on the muzzle to increase your damage range and keep you off radar. The range is pushed further and your strafe speed is increased by adding a Task Force Barrel. With a Tiger Team Spotlight and Raider Stock, lean all the way into that speed. You will become incredibly quick with these two accessories, even when firing and looking down sights. Use the largest magazine you can find, in this example the 53 Round magazine, as per normal.

Since the MAC-10 fires at such a rapid rate, those 53 bullets won’t last very long, therefore you can utilize a 53 Round Speed Mag to reload more quickly. However, there are some handling costs involved, so give it a try and decide for yourself if it seems like a worthwhile trade. A Striker Grip can be substituted for the Agency Suppressor to increase mobility even further. You sacrifice some range and stealth, but this build will make you exceedingly quick.