With Apple’s new kit, we can repair Macbook at home by ourselves

By | August 29, 2022

Apple’s new toolkit helps repair Macbook

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Users of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro repair kits can replace several components, including the screen, outer cover, battery, and table, for each model, hover ,…

Even while the business claims the service is a part of Apple’s attempt to increase user access to self-repair, it nevertheless strongly advises customers to employ expert repair services. Karma.

The US technology company introduced a comparable service for iPhone phones in April, and it intends to expand the program to additional nations, beginning with the European continent.

The introduction of this service by Apple is seen as a response to any potential future repair rights legislation in the US. In June, New York became the first state in the US to enact a law requiring public corporations to offer customers the ability to perform minor repairs on their own. turmeric.

With this kit, you can easily repair your Macbook without having to take it to a shop. And after the launch of this kit, Apple will release new iPhone 14 phones and watches. Are you looking forward to the day these products launch? On the occasion of the upcoming iPhone 14 at our Didongthongminh store, we are offering a series of discounts on old versions of iPhones and the product that is being bought the most at the store in the past few days is ip x max.

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