2 Significant Upgrades On Android 14

By | March 4, 2023

Google has just introduced Android 14 first developer preview (DP1) to the developers so that they might experience and give honest reviews to improve the official version. Reportedly, Android 14 has been adjusted with several new features. Among those, there are two major changes that you might want to know before getting a device running on Android 14 or upgrading to this version. 

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While Android 13 is named Tiramisu, its successor is called Upside Down Cake which is another sweet and delicious dessert that we are all going to have a piece of. Even though the beta version for developers has just been launched, the official release date is not yet announced. However, many sources suggest that the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphones are going to be the very first devices that got this update. Among thousands of different Android smartphone brands, Samsung is still among the top companies with several high-end and innovative devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold4 or Galaxy Z Flip. 

https://aubtu.biz entertainment celebrity sport gossip news memes animals Source: Google

The first new improvement on Android 14 is that it is featured with a “Regional Preferences”, hidden in the system settings page. This feature allows the phone to locate users and will set temperature units, calendar format, the first day of the week and number system automatically. Then, you will not have to customize inside each application. This sounds absolutely convenient and time-saving for the phone’s users. 

https://aubtu.biz entertainment celebrity sport gossip news memes animals Source: Google

More importantly, security and privacy features have witnessed several great improvements. It’s important to remember that Apple’s iOS is believed to be safer since iOS is a closed operating system. Users, developers and even hackers might find it quite hard to break into this OS. On the other hand, Android is absolutely open and is more welcoming for adjustment and customizations. Therefore, it is also a weakness of this OS. Google has made upgrades to make third party applications might get less information from other apps and the system. Then, one’s identity is kept private and safe. The installation of malicious apps that target older API levels is also banned as an effort to stop these apps from stealing and sending out data. The company also stated “Malware often targets older API levels to bypass security and privacy protections that have been introduced in newer Android versions”.

Apparently, we might have to wait a little bit longer for the next Android version to roll out. Then we will take a closer and clearer look at it. Stay tuned on our website for more upgrades in the future.