Apple HomePod (2nd Generation): Is It Worth Buying?

By | March 4, 2023

Apple has just introduced the next generation of its smart speaker HomePod which came out in 2018. Among thousands of different speakers in the market, what makes it special? In the following post, let’s take a closer look at the latest HomePod. Hopefully it might help you make up your mind before placing an order from local Apple stores. 

1. Price 

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ont-weight: 400;”>Surprisingly, the second generation actually cost less than the first introduced HomePod, at $299 compared to $349. Normally, Apple always raises the price of the next generation devices. It has been the tech giant’s tradition for a few decades. However, it does mean that the device is not pricey. In fact, HomePod’s competitors from Google, Amazon or Sonos are much cheaper and might function almost the same. Otherwise, the price is kind of reasonable for common Apple users.

2. Design 

As expected from an Apple device, the 2nd generation HomePod has a stunning design which comes out with two different colors which are Midnight (black) and white. Both look pretty with a Siri screen which is similar to the HomePod mini, released in 2020. It is the perfect combination of the first generation HomePod and the mini edition. The size is somewhat almost the same as its predecessor. It could perfectly fit into your desk, bedroom or living room. If you are familiar with the Apple ecosystem, this speaker would be the most suitable addon to that. 

3. Compatibility 

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Different from other speakers, the HomePod is specifically designed for Apple devices only. Which means that you might not connect HomePod to other non-Apple devices such as devices running Windows and Android or other operating systems. Therefore, the option is definitely not for non-Apple users. Moreover, the speaker does not feature Bluetooth connection. It connects with devices through Airplay which is available on iOS, MacOS and iPadOS and they have to connect to one WiFi network. One of the backlashes is that the speaker is actually not wireless and requires an electrical outlet. It is not battery-powered. 

4. Sounding 

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For common users who are not picky about sound effects and customizations, the second generation HomePod might satisfy your entertainment demands easily. There is a lot of bass. Moreover, you can pair two or more HomePods for stereo performance which is perfectly compatible with Apple Music’s Dolby Atmos feature. This smart speaker is also featured with a great mic to speak with Siri to control or ask.

5. Conclusion 

If you are looking for a smart speaker to experience without worrying too much about prices and sound quality, the second generation HomePod might be one of the most exciting choices. However, if you expect more and want better sounds, there are several other options to consider. It’s up to your own preference to decide.