Download and review Traffic Control for GTA V

By | March 12, 2020

Download and review Traffic Control for GTA V

I’ve noticed a few things about the aircraft and Trevor piloting them from the trailers and screenshots. There are antennas, for one, and Trevor can be seen wearing a full headset with ear pieces and mic. Obviously much more detailed than ever before. Got me thinking, what if you could get a channel from one of the control towers or other aircraft while piloting? Perhaps an extra channel in addition to the radio ones, or maybe in place of the radio ones.

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Automatic Installation
– Extract the ZIP archive; ensure that setup.exe and Traffic Control.msi are both in the same folder
– DON’T run Traffic Control.msi unless you know what you’re doing
– Run setup.exe, and ensure that the installation directory detected matches the main/root folder of your GTA V install directory
– If setup.exe is unable to detect your GTA V directory, or fails in some other fashion, start Traffic Control.msi, AND SELECT YOUR GTA V PATH AS THE INSTALL DIRECTORY


Manual Installation
– Copy the TrafficControl.dll and TrafficControl.ini files into the Plugins folder of your GTA V directory.
– Copy the Stealth.Common.dll and RAGENativeUI.dll files into your main/root GTA V directory.


– Stop or slow down all traffic within a certain radius of the player, in order to close a road for investigative purposes, or for safety reasons during a traffic stop
– Multiple “roadblocks” or “speed zones” can be placed
– Roadblocks will remain in place until removed by the player
– A (beta) setting to allow any emergency vehicles to drive through “roadblocks”/”stop zones” can be enabled in the INI file (“Stop Traffic” orders only; speed restrictions are not affected)
– The above setting can also be changed on-demand through the new in-game menu
[NEW!] – Traffic Control now includes a new in-game menu, powered by RAGENativeUI!
[NEW!] – Keyboard shortcuts can now be changed in the INI file!
[NEW!] – Keyboard shortcuts can be disabled, if desired (to use the in-game menu exclusively)

[NEW!] – Integration with Police SmartRadio!


– Press the menu keybind (CTRL + F10 by default) to open the Traffic Control menu; use the menu options to place/remove roadblocks
– Alternatively, you can use the shortcut keys (see the INI file) to place/remove roadblocks
– Keyboard shortcuts can be disabled through the INI file, if you wish to only use the in-game menu

Download :

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