Guard Villagers Mod 1.17.1, 1.16.5 (Warrior defending the village)

By | September 4, 2021

Protecting your Village from danger in Minecraft is becoming increasingly difficult. With the arrival of Illagers and raids, an Iron Golem will almost certainly be unable to keep your villagers safe.
Guard Villagers Mod is a mod used to help you in keeping your Village safe. It does this by adding a new job to the Villager called Guard.

Guard Villagers Mod
When finding a new village, there is a high chance of having 5 Guards there. Guard will attack anyone they consider a danger to the Village; it could be Zombies, Illagers, Witches, or even yourself! Mod will turn the Villager into a warrior to protect the Village in the Minecraft game world.
Guard is swift. Immediately upon seeing an enemy, the Guard will run to destroy them. You can strengthen the Guard by giving them a stronger sword (right-click Guard with the sword you want to provide them with). If you need more Guard, you can right-click on any Villager with a sword.
In addition to adding Guard, the mod also has some minor changes, such as making Illusioner appear in a Raid or making Witch attack Villager.
Are you tired of the whole Village having to sacrifice because the Golem is too lazy? Are you not strong enough to defend your Village? Download Guard Villagers Mod to add Guard, Illusion… to help protect the Village when attacked by strangers.

Guard Villagers Mod installation guide for Minecraft

  • Download Forge Installer, Guard-Villagers-1.16.1.jar Zle.
  • Right-click Forge Installer, Run as Administrator, and click OK to install Forge.
  • Click Start on the desktop.
  • Open Run.
  • Type %appdata% into Run and press enter.
  • Go to Roaming/.minecraft/mods
  • Put the Mod’s Zle jar in the mods folder and then run Minecraft.


Guard Villagers Mod-1 Guard Villagers Mod-2 Guard Villagers Mod-3 Guard Villagers Mod-4 Guard Villagers Mod-5 Guard Villagers Mod-6

Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.14.4:download


For Minecraft 1.15.2:download


For Minecraft 1.16.1:download


For Minecraft 1.16.3:download


For Minecraft 1.16.4:download


For Minecraft 1.16.5:download


For Minecraft 1.17.1:download

Features of Guard Villagers Mod


  • It is the main character of this Minecraft Mod. Guards usually spawn in villages with groups of 5, armed with iron swords and ready to fight if strangers invade, including yourself.
  • You can change the iron sword into another weapon by right-clicking Shift with the weapon you want to change.
  • If you want to add Guard, Shift and right-click the Villager with any sword, and it will become Guard.


  • During the raid, the Guard will destroy every animal it sees (default is False).
  • Illusioner spawns during the raid (default is True).
  • Witches will attack villagers (default is True).

In the following updated versions of Guard Villagers Mod, the developer will add:

  • Archer: is a Guard that uses bow or arrow weapons to replace swords, supporting long-range combat.
  • Added new villages like Think Ocean Villages, Mushroom Villages, Mesa Villages, Swamp Villages, Jungle Villages…