TikTok is launching a new feature “sleep reminders” 

By | January 14, 2023

Several TikTok users report that they experience insomnia at night after spending long hours scrolling through the videos on this app. It means that there is a long time wasted and lost due to this social media. Obviously, it’s an addictive and appealing social media that we might hardly say no to, especially after a long tiring working day. However, this China-based platform is making an effort to help its users have better sleep with the new feature “sleep reminders”.  

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This company is testing this new feature that will notify users when it’s already bedtime. What always keeps us from good 7-hour-long sleep is the attraction of social media. There are so many choices of content to explore before bed and most of the time we lose track of time and overspend time browsing social media like TikTok. “Sleep reminders” is being tested with limited users globally. You can set up so TikTok will nudge you when it’s already bedtime. Moreover, notifications including live, message and new video notifications will be turned off so that they might not disturb your sleep quality. This feature is expected to improve TikTok users’ experience and well-being. First and foremost, quality bedtime is obviously essential. 

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You might find the new option under the “screen time” settings in TikTok. Then, you can choose a sleep time as your own preference. Afterwards, the app will remind you to close it whenever it’s your desired bedtime. 

TikTok has been testing new features to support its users’ health and online activities. In 2020, screen-time management tools were launched to help its users take control of on-screen time. Last year, it also allowed users to schedule regular screen-time breaks. It means that you might manage your browsing time in one sitting. The best advantage of it is that you can warn yourself when TikTok is too distracting and keeps you from your regular daily tasks such as employment and study. 

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Furthermore, the company has also launched other features to protect younger users including children and teenagers. TikTok has faced several criticisms for being too addictive that it might be harmful for users and negatively affects their brain, especially younger ones. It is a good sign that this Chinese social platform is trying more features for the experience and health of its users. The latest one, “sleep reminders”, is still under development and it is unsure when it will launch officially and widely. 

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